Project Description

Fofi Trigazi

Fofi Trigazi is a Drama Therapist (The Institute of Dramatherapy London), Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist for groups, couples and families (Hellenic Society of Group Analysis and Family Therapy). Supervisor of therapists through Creative approach (NDP Ltd London) and through Appreciative approach (Kensington Consultation Centre London). She is also a Kinesiotherapist (Neuro-Developmental Therapist).

She has undergone further training in movement at the Centro di Educazione Motoria Anna Torrigiani in Florence and in Neuro-developmental Therapy in London and Bern. She has attended the training seminar Introduction to Group Analysis at the Open Psychotherapy Center. She has post-graduate studies in Dance and Drama Dynamics at Castle Priory College in London, in Movement Analysis at the Laban Center in London, in Body Dynamics – Body Psychotherapy (Augsburg Institute Germany), in Psychotherapeutic approach NIG (Neuro-imaginative Gestalting) and in Group Psychoanalysis Psychodrama (with Olivier Bonard).

She has participated in various theater workshops, most important of which are those with Ryszard Cieslak, Jennie Buckman (On Acting Shakespeare), Augusto Boal (Theatre of the oppressed), Louise Larkinson and Nick Rowe (Playback theatre).

She is a founding member of the Hellenic Association of Dramatherapists and Playtherapists (HADP) and a regular member of the Hellenic Society of Group Analysis and Family Therapy (HSGA&FT). She is also a member of the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth), GASi (Group Analytic Society International) and EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy). She holds the European Certificate for Psychotherapy.

She has worked for many years in Special Education, in the Hellenic Society of Group Analytic Psychotherapy (Therapeutic Community “Beehive”), in the Center for Psychosocial Support of the Municipality of Amarousion, in programs by the Municipality of Kifissia and in the European Women’s Network. She has directed various seminars and collaborated with many organizations, public and private.
In 2016 she was chairwoman of the scientific committee of the 4th international congress organized by HADP in the Harokopio University.

In 1998 she founded the Center for Personal Development through Art in collaboration with therapists of the three approaches through Art (dance, visual arts, drama). In 2018 the Center for Personal Development through Art was renamed Center for Psychotherapy through Art Connective Drama (CePsyArt Connective Drama or briefly CePsyArt Connedrama).

Today she works in Marousi as a free-lance Therapist with Individuals, Groups, Couples and Families. Her particular professional interest is the provision of Creative Supervision to mental health Professionals.

She is a member of the Board of the National Organization for Psychotherapy of Greece.