Presentations – Interactive Presentations – Publications

  •  “Creative Approaches to Supervision – Theory and Practice”. A three-hour interactive presentation at the Greek Society of Group Analytic & Family Psychotherapy (Saturday Seminars). December 2018.
  •  “The symbolism as common point of reference in Psychoanalysis and Art”. A lecture at Panteion University in the Seminar Psychoanalysis and Culture: the conscious and unconscious life of Greeks. Organization HSGA & FA and Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy – November 2018.
  •  “Creative Supervision as a conveyor of resilience. Discovering Ulysses in times of fluidity. Interactive presentation at the international conference Mental Resilience through Trauma. The archetype of the hurt Therapist. Organization Panhellenic Professional Association of Playtherapy and Dramatherapy at the School of Fine Arts. May 2018.
  • “A myth about the contemporary fluid reality”. Interactive presentation at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens “Melina” at the meeting: Interpreting Classical Greek dance: myths, texts, depictions and social reality.
    Organization: NKUA, Athens Department of the International Dance Council and Study Group of ancient Greek dance.
    April 2018. An extensive summary of the presentation will be published in the collective volume “Interpreting Ancient Greek Dance”.
  • “Creative approaches to Supervision through Art Therapy and Drama Therapy” together with Art Therapist Nizeta Anagnostopoulou at the meeting of the National Organization for Psychotherapy of Greece (NOPG) “Psychotherapy in Practice: Differences and Convergences”.
    December 2017.
  •  “On Creative Supervision”
    Interactive four-hour presentation for Therapists.
    13th Post-training Meeting of Continuing Education of the National Organization for Psychotherapy of Greece. Co-organization with HADP. March 2017.
  •  “The tight wedding dress of the Soul. Creative supervision in the case of a woman with panic attacks”.
    Masterclass at the 4th international conference organized by HADP with the title “Eros and Psyche. From myth to perspective” in cooperation with Drama Therapist Tasos Babalis. Harokopio University.
    December 2016.
  • “With the Myth as passport: the example of a model of drama therapy” with drama therapist Demetra Stavrou. Lecture at the 4th international conference organized by HADP with the title “Eros and Psyche. From myth to perspective”. Harokopio University.
    December 2016.
  •  “Amazon identity: the masculine side of the female”. Case study 20th EAP International Congress “Gender and Psychotherapy” organized by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) National Organization for Psychotherapy in Greece (NOPG). June 2015.
  • “The Myth in couple therapy” article with a case study of a couple and application of the myth of choice for the psychotherapy convention. For the collective volume of the 1st Psychiatric clinic of the University of Athens “The Contribution of Psychotherapies through Art in Psychiatric Therapy”. May 2014. (the book was published by Vita Editions in 2019).
  • “Drama therapy approach to couple therapy: focusing on the significant third – the relationship”. The example of dialogue between Drama therapy and Play therapy with a case study of a couple and a case study of their child.
    Lecture with play therapist Ageliki Lepatatzi. Presentation at the 2nd Panhellenic conference of EDPE on Drama therapy and Play therapy contemporary therapeutic Representations.
    Harokopio University. November 2010.
  • “The processing opportunity of the Crisis” with Visual Art Therapist Nizeta Anagnostopoulou at the 6th meeting of the National Psychotherapy of Greece. The crisis in Psychotherapy Process: Risk or Opportunity. May 2009.
  • “Soul traces and somatic inscriptions: Coping with psychosomatic problems through dramatherapy”. Case study speech at the 1st Panhellenic drama therapy and Play therapy Conference organized by EDPE. Harokopio University. May 2007.
    The text of the speech is included in the book “Drama therapy and Applications: 14 texts on the Drama therapy Process”. Thymari Editions.
  • “The body in dialogue”. Interactive Presentation in the International conference 13th Reach to Recovery international: Breast Cancer Support Conference.
    Organization Alma Zois and Global Cancer Control. June 2005.
  • “The ritual and its role in the Therapy process”. Case study speech at the Panhellenic Psychiatric Conference: the contribution of Art in Psychiatric Therapies organized by the Institute for “Research and Application of Health Programs “Beyond”. May 2003.
    The presentation is included in the collective Volume Art and Psychiatry and has been published in the Psychiatric Notebooks.
  • “Drama therapy as a therapy of choice for Adolescents and the Family”. Speech at the meeting: Psychoanalytic approaches to marital, family and social problems organized by the Greek Society of Group Analytic & Family Psychotherapy. November 2001.
  • • “The tree of life”. Drama therapy workshop on the experience of Dialogue, relationships and interaction in the Family.
    8th World Congress της International Family Therapy Association with the title: Global dialogue Diversity and Unity. Organization: Laboratory for Study of Human Relations. Ιούλιος 1996.
  • Drama therapy: study of a Group with Psychosis, Therapy Community “Beehive”. Speech, organization: Greek Society of Group Analytic Psychotherapy. Therapy Community “Beehive”. January 1991.

Videos – Happenings in Nature – Projects

  • “The ring”. Poetry and visual video with the visual Artist Mary Christea for the 4th conference organized by EDPE with title: “Eros and Psyche. From myth to perspective” Harokopio University, December 2016.
  • “Small surrealist poems about Love”. Video about the edge in the passage of love from the imaginary to reality during adolescence. It was preceded by a workshop based on the theater play “Spring awakening” by Frank Wedekind. The adolescents were asked to write a small surrealist poem about love which was recited and filmed in the way they themselves chose. The poems are written in the surrealist way of writing. They consist of sets of images and phrases arising from the unconscious and they succeed each other by association without or with very little logical connection among them. December 2016.
  • “The Happening – the word” video-happening about the World Day against Drugs. The event was organized by the Center for Psychosocial Support of the Municipality of Amarousion and was presented in the central squares of the town instead of speeches in collaboration with director Eucharis Papaioannou. June 2000.
  • “Last night I dreamt of you: fantasies, dreams and wishes about the child who has not been born yet”.
    “Our own Lullabies and Fairy Tales”.
    Experience workshop in the program for pregnant women “Genesis” organized by the Center for Systemic Therapy. Responsible for the program is the Systemic Therapist Smaro Tsangaraki. Members of the team were also Anthropologist Giota Katsiki, Body Therapist Pepi Mazaraki and Midwives Lamprini Palikara and Demetra Froudaki 2009 – 2010.
  • Happening in Skotina Beach. Organization International Youth Center “Olympus” for GGA Officials. Approximately one thousand people participated. With percussion musicians Naraian Protin and Theodoris Chiotis. July 2010.

“Face and Mask”.
“Body and food through fairy tales”.
“My personal mythology”.
Marathons lasting one week each, in Nature. Alternative holidays in Kyllini organized by the Center for Culture and Quest Passage. August 1995, 1996, 1997.