Project Description


Creative supervision takes place on an individual and on group level and is intended for Mental Health professionals, regardless of their theoretical direction. It is a choice the supervised therapists have to use metaphor, movement, projection techniques, stories and role-play in the investigation of subjects that may concern:

  • The technique, the strategy of interventions used by the supervised therapist
  • The process of therapy
  • The therapy relationship
  • The therapist’s counter-transfer
  • The immediate interaction between supervisor- supervised as a mirror of a parallel process
  • The supervisor’s counter-transfer
  • The wider frame

It is important that the supervisor and the supervised create together the supervisory relationship and together work to create the meaning and to provide an answer to the question of the supervised-therapist.
As creative supervisors they hold the framework, the structure, the process, but above all the transitional space “between us” and the playful disposition for amplification. The purpose of the Creative Supervision is that the supervised therapists develop their own skills and abilities which they will use professionally.
Individual Creative Supervision sessions last for an hour and are done every 15 days.
The Creative Supervision Group takes place once a month, on a Saturday and lasts for 3 hours.

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