Project Description

Short-term drama therapy

Short-term drama therapy is a focused therapy of 16 sessions. The purpose is to recognize the matter which must be processed, to create a hypothesis about it, choose the suitable therapeutic creative interventions, the focused processing of the matters arising.
The success of the sessions is produced by the clarity of the request, from the individual’s internal willingness to change, from their honesty when talking about themselves, the wish to participate actively in an active creative therapy and realistic expectations about what they expect from drama therapy or play therapy.
Short-term drama therapy can be chosen for children, adolescents, for crisis situations in personal life, in the relations of a couple or in the family, for transitions from a phase in life to another (divorce, death etc.). Also, in crises and traumatic conditions from natural disasters. It can be chosen when a person has completed therapy, but for some reason comes back to process a matter of the present.