Project Description

Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation together with history-taking provide us with different kinds of information about the personality of the individual and his creative abilities and leads us to the most suitable choice and direction in Psychotherapy.
In the Dramatherapy approach we use:
Basic Ph (Lahad 1992) in order to see the mental resilience of the individual to stress-creating factors.
6-key Model (Pendzik 2003) we evaluate the organization of the Dramatic reality.
RfG (Wiener) 1949 we evaluate the functionality in the relationship of the couple (used in the evaluation for couple therapy).
If needed, the individual is evaluated psychologically and mentally by a psychologist specialized in psychometric tools (test). Thus it is decided what kind of Psychotherapy will be followed. If it will be of a Psychodynamic Direction using speech or Dramatherapy or a combination of the two.