Project Description

Individual Group Dramatherapy

Individual Dramatherapy

During the Individual Dramatherapy session, besides speech, the individual’s ability to come in touch with his creative potential is facilitated. Through imagination and association a wealth of images, scenarios and symbols may arise. The creative processing helps the individual to reconnect with himself and gradually to redetermine – reacquire his personal history and a new balance. The therapist is not intrusive and does not interpret the actions. He supports the person in therapy in the associations taking place and in co-creation of meaning.
Individual Dramatherapy has a one-hour duration and is done once a week.
A number of individual Dramatherapy sessions may precede the entrance of the individual into a Dramatherapy group.

Group Dramatherapy

In Group Dramatherapy personal stories from the past or the future, dreams, fantasies, are presented in symbolic form.
By playing out the stories, the members discover and explore the structures and roles that keep them in non-functional relations and behaviors. At the same time, they experience their healthy creative side, widen their aesthetic understanding, their personal role system and develop new ways of connection with themselves, the others or the matters bothering them.
In the group, the presence of the other members offers new elements and gives the person new ways to connect with models the individual can identify with, differentiate, distance himself and finally to connect in a different way. The groups alternate slowly, last for 1 ½ hour and consist of 4 to 8 persons.
From the current experience, adults ask the center for help in dealing with stress, depression, communication problems, relationship problems, difficulties in dealing with trauma, loss, dependency problems, social dysfunctions, difficulties in transition from one stage of life to another etc.