Project Description

Family therapy

Every family is a live organism and develops by following the natural stages of the life cycle.
In all development stages of a family, relationship systems are created which support or prevent not only the family, but also each member separately. The family becomes dysfunctional when it repeats disastrous behavior models and conflict is created among members. These models come in most cases from the parents’ families of origin, but are repeated in the current family condition.

Besides problems regarding the development stages of the family (birth of children, adolescence, separation from the parents’ home, parents’ death, parents’ divorce etc.), experience says that a multitude of problems is about conflict in the Family, because of the intervention of aged parents in the Family of their child, from the favorable special therapy of a family member or from identification of a member with the role of bad person, difficult person, crazy one, indifferent one etc.

There are matters regarding the occurrence of a chronic disease, or various dependencies, but also matters arising from social conditions such as unemployment or immigration etc.

In Family therapy the whole family participates or, if that is not possible, the members who wish so, even two of them.
If the Family needs to focus on a specific matter and for a specific duration, we follow the method of Short-Term Dramatherapy and we explore through creative techniques the multiple sides of the problem in a focused way.

Family Therapy aims at creating more healthy and functional connections in the Family. The Family is called upon to view each member as a whole individual and not only through the roles it has awarded him.