Project Description

Experiential Seminars

In the programs of the Center and in experiential seminars, many therapists and artists have worked until today.
Among them the dance therapists Alexia Margariti, Eleutheria Deko, Lialia Thatcher, Katerina Stavrou, Eleni Chatzigeorgiou, the art therapists Gianna Kilimi and Eleni Pale, the play therapists Athina Katsilerou and Semeli Misailidi, the director Eucharis Papaioannou, the percussion musicians Naraian Protin, Thodoris Chiotis and Dimitris Tsiamis, for movement Felden Kreis practitioner Eleni Kasimati and for meditation Louiza Voutsina.
The seminars with the therapies through art are small marathons on a theme, which we process with the therapies (Dance therapy –Art therapy – Drama therapy). This particular series is an idea based on the Developmental Model of Sue Jennings E.P.R. (Embodiment – Projection – Role).

The processing through this method enhances the interaction of therapies through Art, amplifies and develops the theme we work on and the participants come into touch in an experiential way with the many ways to process a theme, in a more complete and connective form.
This type of seminar is directed to psychologists, social workers, educators, work therapists, humanities students, artists, therapists in training, to people working with vulnerable groups and to those wishing to enrich their personal experience and to come into touch with Applied Therapies through Art.
Another type of experiential seminars is the one where we create in the framework of the concept of dialogue. We create seminars which are a creative answer to a request presented to us at some point. There is therefore the possibility for anybody to ask a question or to express a need about something that bothers him, to get into touch with us and to see it transformed into a seminar where his problem may in one way or another concern more people.