Project Description

Creative supervision team

At the Center for Psychotherapy through Art Connective Drama a Creative Supervision group takes place through Drama therapy and appreciative approach.
The group is directed at health care professionals – psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists through art, social workers, mental health advisors etc. regardless of their theoretical direction.
Group supervision, without replacing individual supervision, offers to the supervised persons different possibilities, such as:
• To amplify their understanding by listening, observing, participating and investigating the stories of other group members.
• To get in touch with a variety of different cases.
• To get feedback from more colleagues with different points of view and ideas.
• To express their feelings and receive assurance from the fact that perhaps other members of the group have also confronted similar matters in their work.
• To have the opportunity to improve their skills and abilities, by gradually developing their internal supervisor.
• To understand the possibly different way of each member in the intervention.
• To understand the content, process and dynamics of the group; and finally
• To learn to use the group outlook for their own development.
For the investigation of matters projection techniques, story-telling techniques, movement and role-playing are used, mainly through the Dramatherapy approach.
The use of symbols, metaphor and aesthetic distance, deepen the therapist’s competences, as he becomes more mature professionally.
Start on Saturday 24 November 2018 from 17:00 – 20:00
The group will remain open until a specific number of members is reached.

Fofi Trigazi, Dramatherapist, Group Analyst, Couple and Family therapist, Supervisor trained in Creative approach and Appreciative approach.

Contact for information and subscriptions
Telephone: 210 6125433, 6936726500