Project Description

Couple therapy

A couple comes for therapy when the sentimental closeness and satisfaction, the real interest in the other person and the satisfaction and enjoyment of their common life are gone.
The problems usually become evident in their way of communication which is transformed into a field of dispute, fighting, aggressiveness, dominance and refusal to accept personal responsibility in the relationship.
On a sentimental level, aggressiveness is dominant, anger and underestimation between the partners. The problems are often intensified by other difficulties which may appear in the various stages of the couple’s life, e.g. the birth of a child, loss of parents, other more complex problems like dependencies or catastrophic behaviors, unemployment, extramarital relations etc.

In Dramatherapy we initially process interaction matters which appear during the sessions and gradually matters arising from the families of origin of the partners. We use projective work, painting, collage, common history on a theme, sand play sculptures with micro-objects, improvisations, in movement or speech. Later comes the performance of a theatrical text or a myth about matters bothering the couple.
The purpose of the therapy is the understanding of the self, the other person’s condition or position, the discovery of a new experience in the way to relate and the experience of the relationship through new communication codes.